Global Hospitality Real Estate Investment

Our strategy focuses on six main pillars:

  1. Sustained profitable growth through long-term investment in quality properties and hospitality-related services.
  2. Active portfolio management to create incremental value and enhance asset quality through targeted investment in post-acquisition extension and refurbishment projects.
  3. Leveraging the growth opportunities driven by Qatar’s significant investments to develop tourism and infrastructure, with an approximate allocated amount between 40$ and 50$ billion in government spending by 2030, driving demand for incremental demand for accommodation facilities across the country.
  4. Geographic expansion and diversification, both regionally and internationally, through the creation of a portfolio of premium hotels in terms of brand, commercial strength and location.
  5. Long-term investment strategy, through alliances with established hotel operators and business partners with strong management teams, capable of delivering sustained growth and strong returns for both parties.
  6. Investment in complementary industry sectors, providing business synergies and profit opportunities across our operations.